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Managing your risk landscape


Putting the biggest prizes in the safest pair of hands

PIMS-SCA has been an established partner to the gaming and marketing industries for over 25 years. In that time we have helped deliver for some of the biggest names in the gaming, digital, lotteries and promotional marketing worlds.

We’re the ones who bring insurance expertise and secure technology together to package the right solution for gaming clients looking to offer massive jackpot prizes just as it’s us that you know will pay out when there’s a big consumer promotion prize winner.

Unrivalled expertise

Our unrivalled expertise supported by our innovative solutions have helped make us the partner all our clients trust. Our unique experience is used to help clients make the best use of available budgets to deliver the greatest possible impact with their audiences.

Our approach is to focus totally on what you want and need in order to deliver the most engaging gaming or promotional experience for your audience. As the trusted risk management partner for gaming clients and big brands we’re way more than just a financial security blanket for our clients. At PIMS-SCA we’re also the cure for all logistical headaches, leaving clients free to concentrate on driving player engagement and customer messaging.

Our deep expertise in gaming and promotional marketing allows us to go beyond insurance and help with everything from secure gaming processes and random number generation to stock control, purchasing logistics and campaign management, all helping to ensure the seamless running of each game or campaign.

Quality control

We’re justifiably proud of our quality control standards, which we maintain year on year; Together with industry accreditations these form a central pillar of how we do business. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and work hard to maintain our regulatory and professional standards for clients, partly by maintaining our Lloyd’s Broker status.

In addition, we engage fully with communities in which we work; PIMS-SCA are active members of BIBA and the Institute of Promotional Marketing for whom our Managing Director, Mark Kimber a Chartered Insurance Broker, serves as Board Director.

Together, PIMS-SCA and our American owner SCA have covered more than £8 billion in gaming and promotional prizes, paying out more than £70 million in claims. We exist to give you the peace of mind you need.

Choose the partner you can trust

If you are looking for a partner to cover your big prizes, who pays out when it matters most, then contact us to discuss your gaming and promotional prize coverage needs now: