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Trusted Solutions for the Digital Channel

Digital channels have boomed over recent years and innovative and exciting gaming experiences continue to evolve in line with consumer needs and wants. A new, digitally comfortable generation are looking for accessibility, convenience and interaction from all markets, including insurance and gaming, across all digital platforms.

But what does this mean for you? Well, it’s actually very good news.

Embracing and engaging with digital channels can help to reduce your costs, increase audience excitement and exposure, build traffic, and simplify measurement and engagement. But the digital world can offer as many new risks as it does opportunities. Working with PIMS-SCA means you can be sure that those risks are minimised.

The insurance partner you select is important because insurers don’t trust gaming software developed by just anybody. With PIMS-SCA you can relax knowing that not only are the digital solutions we deliver underpinned by our prize coverage, Fixed Fee & Over Redemption insurance, but also that they’re fully embraced by the insurance industry.

Our digital expertise means your digital security

Whether for online coupons, prize draws, online games, collectors or instant wins, using PIMS-SCA as your trusted partner means that should your digital promotion over redeem or your online game have a one in a million winner, you’re protected from any unexpected financial exposure.

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Our solutions

Online games & promotions
Whether you want to drive traffic to your website or increase customer engagement our online gaming and promotion solutions can help you do just that. Our prize coverage allows you to offer online games and promotions with even bigger prizes, for example, giving consumers the chance to win a £1 million top prize. We also support on-pack/in-store unique code campaigns which drive customers online to check, win and collect. PIMS-SCA not only insure digital games and promotions but also design and create bespoke online games as well as providing easily branded off-the-shelf gaming solutions. All our online games can be developed without Flash, so they can run across all desktop, tablet and mobile platforms to deliver a seamless experience for the customer and all are covered by our prize coverage insurance.

Mobile promotions
As with any campaign, response rates for mobile-based promotions can be unpredictable and expenditure can be difficult to predict. As the first promotional risk management company to provide risk protection for UK mobile campaigns we certainly have the experience and expertise to help you deliver a successful mobile promotion without the risk. PIMS-SCA have worked effectively with many clients such as Cadburys Txt 2 Win, on mobile campaigns such as text to win, text to collect, SMS prize draws, SMS Vouchers and Mobile Coupons.

Online coupons
As digital grew so did we. We created our own reliable, risk-free online coupon solution: E-Demption. By removing all security concerns associated with online coupon redemption (including misuse), and providing full reporting and tracking facilities E-Demption has revolutionised the coupon market. It is user friendly and simple to integrate into any online marketing activity allowing delivery of personalised coupons direct to any designated email address, in turn allowing straightforward tracking of redemptions. E-Demption is backed by our fixed fee & over redemption insurance and is hassle free with no need for additional software downloads.

A safe pair of hands for digital from PIMS-SCA

Digital is simply the channel, the solutions remain the same.

Let’s discuss the possibilities that PIMS Digital solutions provide, give us a call to discuss your next digital campaign on +44 (0)20 7255 7900 or email

At Lime Communications, we know we are guaranteed a high level of service and professionalism from the approachable PIMS-SCA team. With valuable expertise and idea resources we are happy to be guided by their knowledge as to what can work for a particular budget. With PIMS-SCA’s own promotional tools such as e-Demption and DrawServer, they offer a range of options when it comes to maximum campaign security.

Tim Hook

Head of Brand Partnerships



Your safe pair of hands
It is the experience and reputation of PIMS-SCA experience that the industry trusts. Our secure draw procedures, which have been in place for much longer than any alternative, are tried, tested, trusted and preferred by our Insurance Underwriters. Our systems and processes also mean that even if any misuse or attempted fraud takes place, you are protected against too many responses.

Increase revenues and engagement
Our exclusive game engine gives our clients the ability to run instant win online games offering prizes valued up to £1 million. This is unique to PIMS-SCA as no one else has this capability.

Integrating technology & digital channels
At PIMS-SCA we integrate technology with prize coverage insurance to ensure the greatest level of rewards can be offered to customers on most digital platforms, whilst minimising budget and risk. Our experience in this area is why PIMS-SCA’s campaigns are completely trusted by agencies, brand owners, financial controllers and both the UK and international insurance communities.

Bigger reach & instant gratification
PIMS-SCA use digital solutions to help deliver bigger and better prizes that can reach more people than any other provider out there. Our E-Demption solution uses technological innovation backed with insurance to deliver something of real value to brand owners and consumers alike. Simply by being able to deliver, via any digital channel, a unique personalised coupon, one that can be used in any major supermarket chain, helps you overcome most of the barriers to effective, secure coupon delivery and usage. And that’s just one digital solution… we have plenty more.