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Risk free gaming solutions to grab your players’ attention and increase revenues

With increasing competition in a growing marketplace, it’s more important than ever to attract players and increase excitement around your brand with innovative and braver gaming solutions. And that’s where we can help…

Benefit – Maximise revenue

Our gaming solutions drive player participation. Our focus is on increasing your brand engagement and in turn, maximising your gaming revenue.

Benefit – Prize jackpots over £10 million

Prize jackpots exceeding £10 million are unique to PIMS-SCA and explain why many global online and casino gaming clients choose to work with us.

Benefit – 100% pay out rates

PIMS-SCA global gaming regulation expertise ensures we protect your investment. And with our 100% pay out rate you can be confident of fulfilling your player promises.

Our fully secure gaming solutions have helped the biggest gaming clients worldwide create maximum impact and increase revenues with bigger jackpot prizes. So, grabbing your share of the marketplace with a £1 million prize fund would not only draw in the crowds but also increase player engagement. And should there be a jackpot winner, don’t worry its PIMS-SCA that pays!

So how does it work?

We offer prize coverage insurance which means we take on the risk that your gaming incentive will pay out a ‘one in a million’ winner. And the beauty is you don’t pay more than the fee agreed, so you always stay within budget, and in control. PIMS-SCA is your security blanket.

The Highest Industry Standards

We’re proud to be a Lloyd’s broker working with some of the world's largest insurance companies which means you can relax knowing you are working with a reputable partner who operates to the highest industry standards in the UK, Europe, USA and internationally.

Bespoke or Off-The-Shelf Solutions

Our innovative, cost effective gaming solutions and 30 years’ experience in risk management has facilitated online gaming, casinos, bookmakers and bingo operators to increase revenue, drive player loyalty and also acquire new players. We can also provide you with off-the-shelf, bespoke gaming and prize products to create solutions that works for you.

Our Solutions – Available Now

All our solutions are underpinned by our prize coverage insurance, and can easily be re-branded and incorporated into your website, venue or event.

And we don’t stop at insurance. With the proliferation of online gaming and digital growth, we include design, build and hosting of the game as standard.

Our most popular gaming solutions include:

  • Money Bags™
    Money Bags lends itself to creativity, working perfectly as a stand-alone event attraction or as a finale event for part of an in-store/on-pack promotional campaign.
  • PrizePad
    PrizePad is the ultimate portable promotional tool for any live marketing campaign. The PrizePad App designed for the Apple iPad, is completely self-sufficient and provides a subtle yet high-impact means of data capture.

Traditional Gaming:

  • Spin A Million
  • £1 Million Royal Flush
  • Visible Vault
  • Roll For a Million
  • Dice Roll
  • Bingo

Online Gaming:

  • Online Lotteries
  • Scratch cards
  • Prediction contests
  • Fantasy games
  • Slots
  • Safe cracks

Don’t take a gamble

Make sure your gaming promotions are risk free, innovative and bold, supported by a reputable and trusted partner to ensure everyone wins.

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Aspers Group works with PIMS-SCA to help us insure big prize jackpots, for some of the promotions and contests we offer to our customers. We like the peace of mind that working with PIMS-SCA brings – knowing that when we have a big winner it will be fully covered.

Jonathan Spittle

Marketing Director

Aspers Group