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Your ticket to bigger lottery jackpots

The online lottery ticket market has boomed in recent years to meet ballooning player demand for more convenient ways to play the big jackpot lotteries.

Our prize coverage insurance gives our online ticket seller partners the opportunity to maximise their ROI and profit margins whilst giving consumers the convenience and jackpots they want – it’s the new way to play!

Benefit – Increase your profit margins

Your profit margins can increase significantly when insurance is used to protect jackpot payments instead of buying physical lottery tickets.

Benefit – Feel totally secure

All our lottery solutions have strict, secure procedures; each trusted, tried and tested for years in the lottery industry to protect you and your business.

Benefit – Know you can trust PIMS-SCA

PIMS-SCA are regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. You are working with a financially secure, trusted partner who operate with total integrity.

So how does it work?

We offer prize coverage insurance which means we take on the risk that your lottery draw will have a big jackpot winner. You pay PIMS-SCA a fixed fee, which is agreed upfront, it’s then up to you invite your players to take part, charging an entry fee of your choice. Our lottery prize coverage eliminates any need for physical ticket purchases, instead a copy of all customer entries are sent to PIMS-SCA before each lottery draw takes place. This is done through the most secure FTP process which guarantees full security for your lottery draw. When one of your customer entries matches the numbers drawn in the lottery, you make a claim through us and the appropriate prize amount will be paid to you to pass on to the winning player – stress-free!

With trusted Lloyd’s broker PIMS-SCA’s 28 years’ experience in risk management you can relax knowing your lottery draw is in the safest pair of hands around. Our experience has shown us that the bigger the main prize up for grabs, the greater the number of entries; and with our lottery prize insurance you now have the ability to offer these multi-million pound jackpots for significantly less than you ever thought possible.

Our solutions

Private lotteries
Private lotteries give you the flexibility to create your own odds, draw requirements and jackpots covered by our prize insurance. By providing bigger multi-million pound, insured jackpots you will be able to attract more players and your prize costs will be minimised.

Lottery matching
Lottery matching is the most popular solution for lottery operators as it’s inexpensive and easier to implement in comparison to private lotteries. Each lottery is based on an existing lottery draw and/or prize level, giving you the flexibility to choose to match the lottery's jackpot or offer your own fixed jackpot each week to your players.

Free-to-play lotteries
If you’re looking to attract new players or drive traffic to a website, Free-to-play lotteries are the ideal solution. What’s more, they provide excellent data capture opportunities, as the lure of a big jackpot win for no entry fee means players are more willing to part with their data as part of the value exchange.

Just the ticket!

Think PIMS-SCA’s lottery prize insurance could be your ticket to success? Call us on +44 (0)20 7255 7900 or email to discuss our risk-free, innovative and trusted lottery solutions to see how we can increase your profit margin.

We are very happy with the service and support from PIMS-SCA, especially in regards to their efficiency in handling and processing prize payments to our Playeurolotto winners.

Marek Mahdal