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PIMS-SCA & the risk landscape for

Prize Coverage

Want to make a real impact?

Our prize coverage insurance allows your promotion to catch the eye of the consumer.

Benefit – Never having to say you’re sorry

We make sure your customers find out whether they are a winner instantly with no waiting for a dull prize draw to finish.

Benefit – Bigger prizes; Greater engagement

Years of experience means we are ideally placed to help tailor your offer to achieve maximum impact.

Benefit – No such thing as boring promotions

We help deliver exciting, impactful and engaging campaigns that have customer and player engagement at their heart.

It’s been proven that bigger promotions equal bigger responses, so why not offer a £1 Million prize fund to really engage your players?

With PIMS-SCA prize coverage you can do this and more. We take on the risk that there will be a substantial winner allowing you to relax knowing that PIMS-SCA will ensure a timely pay-out if the jackpot is won.

The possibilities for jackpot prizes are endless providing you with the creative license and possibilities to create some exciting and engaging jackpot prizes that will make your budget work harder and will reach and engage more people.

PIMS-SCA can help you develop games, contests and promotions to match your budget and increase your prize funds for ultimate impact.

Our most popular promotions include:

  • Instant Win
  • Match and Win
  • Scratchcards
  • Promotion Finale
  • Conditional Rebate
  • Factorial
  • Sports Skill Contest
  • Online Games
  • Performance Incentives

Not only that, we have a whole range of off-the shelf Prize Promotion Products such as:

  • Visible Vault
  • Money Bags
  • Prize Kiosks
  • Jackpot Machine
  • Wheel Spins
  • Scratch-and-Win Cards

Essentially, PIMS-SCA are able to offer your customers the chance to win Big “Lottery Sized” prizes without the fear of you having to pick up the cost should you have a “Jackpot” winner.

Want to make a bigger impact with bigger prizes?

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