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Managing your risk landscape

Professional Indemnity Cover

Protecting your business, and your reputation…

No one likes making mistakes especially in business, but the reality is we’re all human and the competitive and fast-paced environment of promotional marketing can often be susceptible to human error.

However, the consequences can be extremely damaging to your brand’s reputation and finances. That’s where we come in.

Your safety net

As the number one insurance broker to the Promotional Marketing industry, PIMS-SCA provide specifically tailored policies for professionals working in marketing, advertising, PR, design, digital, new media and communications.

Essentially, we’re your safety net when unforeseeable mistakes arise, ensuring your reputation, balance sheet and client relationship are left fully intact.

How does it work?

All our Professional Indemnity policies are tailored to suit your personal requirements, we protect you and your business against:

  • Negligence; where you have failed in your duty of care to a client.
  • Breach of intellectual property rights.
  • Breach of confidentiality.
  • Client documents that are lost, stolen or damaged in your care.

So, in the event that you or someone else in your business makes a costly mistake, which impacts on a client, you and your brand are protected as PIMS-SCA are on hand to resolve any issues efficiently and effectively – that’s why we’re number one in our field.

Our risk specialists are here to support you, we guide you through every step of the insurance process, ensuring that you have the most appropriate indemnity policy in place for your business.

The next step…

Do you need a trusted partner that will protect your brand reputation and finances when you need it most?

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